Luxury SPA Apartments in Ruse


Address: Ruse
Blvd N. Bozveli 18, ent.1 +359 884 139 855, +359 885 816 022


On the day of your checking-in you MUST contact us 30 minutes before your arrival. This is done for your own convenience, so that when you arrive, we can kindly take you to the apartment of your choice, complete the checking-in for you and provide you with the nec-essary assistance.

Checking-in is completed after 2 pm in the afternoon (14:00) until 8 pm (20:00) in the evening. If for any reason you are going to arrive before 2 pm in the afternoon or later than 8 pm in the evening, please do contact us well in advance.

On the day of your departure, you must leave the apartment no later than 12:30 pm in the afternoon. If for any reason you wish to leave later than 12:30 pm, please do inform us well in advance. We will try to extend your stay with no more than 4 hours, subject to the apartment’s availability, that is, the apartment you are leaving is not already booked and the new guests are not arriving early.

When making the reservation, the guest must give:

  • their mobile phone number
  • their full name
  • the total number of other guests (if any) accompanying them in the apartment

Only the persons, stated the reservation, have the right to stay in the apartment. In case of breaches of this condition, Dimi Raiz EOOD reserves the right to terminate the stay and require all persons to immediately leave the property without any compensation.

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