Luxury SPA Apartments in Ruse


Address: Ruse
Blvd N. Bozveli 18, ent.1 +359 884 139 855, +359 885 816 022



  • Please do not cause damage to any of the fixtures and fittings of the apartment. Use them accordingly.
  • Parties or any social gatherings of that nature are FORBIDDEN.
  • Please do not to cause excessive noise
  • In case of excessive noise, the relevant authorities will be informed and we will have to ask you to leave the property immediately without any right to compensation.
  • Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times
  • Guests must not to disrupt the comfort and enjoyment of:
    • other guests of the apartments
    • the residents of the building
  • Guest are requested not to cause offences to:
    • other guests of the apartments
    • the residents of the building
    • members of staff



Neither Dimi Raiz OOD, nor the legal owner of the apartments could be held liable for

  • any direct or indirect damage to the apartment, caused by the guest(s) dur‘ng their stay
  • any direct or indirect damage to‘or loss of property or personal belongings of the guest(s)
  • any ’irect or indirect damage to the building, caused by
    • the guest(s) of the apartments
    • natural disasters
    • criminal offences

By confirming your reservation with Neli Spa Apartments, you agree with above men-tioned terms and conditions.

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